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Jan 25 at 07:26 AM

How to make value help field allow manual input other than values in value help in sap CAP?

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My requirement is to make the input field get its F4 from its own table and also allow user to enter values other than in the table. I created a view on table using select query in db cds and then exposed it as entity via service cds.
i used that entity as a value list for input field in annotation cds of the fiori element app. But getting the error as

'description path missing' when i try to manually input value into input field.

Kindly provide your suggestions.

Many thanks.

Scenario -

Entity in DB

entity JeConfiguration: cuid{ tableName : String(100) @mandatory @title : 'Table Name'; shareType : String(10) @title :'Share Type';}
view JETableName as select from JeConfiguration { ID, tableName };

Entity definition in Srv

@Capabilities : { InsertRestrictions : {Insertable: true}, UpdateRestrictions : {Updatable : true}, DeleteRestrictions : {Deletable : true} }



entity JeConfiguration as projection on my.JeConfiguration; entity

JETableName as projection on my.JETableName;

UI Annotation:

annotate service.JeConfiguration with @(

UI.FieldGroup #GeneratedGroup1 :{



{ $Type:'UI.DataField', Label:'Table Name', Value:tableName, }


annotate service.JeConfiguration with @(

UI.TextArrangement : #TextOnly, cds.odata.valuelist,)


tableName @(

Common.FieldControl: tableName,

Common :{


Label:'Table Names',


Parameters:[ {


LocalDataProperty: 'tableName',

ValueListProperty: 'tableName'

} ] } } );



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