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Jan 25 at 08:10 AM

How to spot where the data did not inserted correctly (standard program enhancement)

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Hi ABAP guru.

I apologize in advance if my English is not perfect, but I am in need of some assistance with a problem that I have been facing in the enhancement section of the standard program.

The standard program for crud maintenance order has an enhancement, so that it will assign asset number and equipment number when creating new maintenance order. The problem is, when I fill asset number and equipment number, only asset number is inserted, and equipment number is not inserted. But when I didn't fill the asset number, the equipment number is inserted correctly.

I have debugged the program and find nothing weird about the flow of the program, since the program goes to many function (for example RULE_GET, RULE_PRE_READ, EXPORT_IMPORT, and BAPI_COMMIT), I can't really track where the data didn't inserted correctly. I'm new to ABAP, and I'm not sure how much detail I can provide.

Can you tell me what should I do to track where the data is not inserted correctly?