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Jan 24 at 11:41 AM

Merging 3 Data Providers without a common dimension


Hi Experts,

I'm dealing with a problem while trying to merging 3 data providers without a common dimension. I have tried some solutions found in this community, unfortunately, it didn't work in my case.


I have three Queries: Query1, Query2 and Query3.

I would like to have the information of Query2.Revenue in the table Query1 from Universe, however, revenue was aggregated for each ProductID. The result should be same as revenue in the merged table Query2 and Query3.

Since I created new detail variables and used them as the blog I posted above, the column was empty.

ForceMerge didn't work too.

Can anyone explain how it can be achieved, how can I get correct value in the column Revenue?

Thanks and Regards,



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