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Jan 25 at 03:48 PM

How to update customer /vendor master data using Business Partner API in S4/HANA


Hello Experts,

As Business Partner is the leading object in S4/HANA, API_BUSINESS_PARTNER_SRV ( ) must be used instead of Idocs - DEBMAS , CREMAS.

So, we are planning to convert the Idoc ( received from source system ) segments into API structures using Integration Suite and trigger to S4/HANA system to create Customer or Vendor. Create scenario accepts deep structure ( BP, Identification, Customer , Company , Texts , etc....) and this seems to be fine.

But the problem is when updating the customer or vendor. Update scenario does not accept Deep structure and expects to call API that many times as number of deep structures to be changed.

Imagine there is a change in Customer Company level , Sales level information , Texts .

It looks like, system is expecting trigger Different calls for Customer company Code , Sales data , Text separately.

This is the behavior in 2020 OnPremise version. 2022 version is not ready to check the behavior.

Can you please advise what best can be done to update customer/supplier data in one shot similar to create scenario.

Also share some experience in consuming Business Partner APIs in S4HANA on premise.

Best wishes,

Ramjee Korada