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Jan 24 at 04:21 PM

An internal error occurred during: "Reading repository objects".


Hi All,

I am trying to figure out what causes this error I am getting when clicking on the ABAP project in Eclipse. I managed to create it without any issue but when I try to expand the tree I am getting this error.


I am connecting to a VM with ABAP AS 7.52 SP04 and I suspect that the issue is with the backend system and not with Eclipse or ADT plugin installation. These installed without any issues.

The detail of the error message is:


An internal error occurred during: "Reading repository objects". System failure: "SQL error SQL code: 21 occurred while accessing table /BOBF/OBM_OBJ."; Destination data=NPL_001_developer_en {client=001, language=EN, user=DEVELOPER, systemConfiguration={Name={null} | SystemConfigurationFromFileBasedCache=false | SystemConfigurationLinkedToSapLogon=false | PreferredClient=null | PreferredUser=null | PreferredLanguage=null | LoadBalancing=false | SNCEnabled=false | PartnerName=null | MessageServer=null | GatewayServer=null | GatewayServerService=null | SystemNumber=00 | MessageServerService=null | SSOEnabled=false | Origin=null | Description=null | Server=vhcalnplci | Group=null | SNCType=SNC_DISABLED | Router=null | Host=vhcalnplci | SystemId=NPL}}

------------ Request -----------------------

POST /sap/bc/adt/repository/typestructure HTTP/1.1

Accept: application/;charset=UTF-8;

User-Agent: Eclipse/4.26.0.v20221123-1800 (macosx; x86_64; Java 17.0.5) ADT/3.30.0 (devedition)

X-sap-adt-profiling: server-time


Any help would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards,