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Migration of Solution Manager 7.1 to new Data center

Our servers will be soon migrating to new data center. Solution manager is one of the apps that first will be moving to new data center. The approach is to first install base instances like SCS, DB, CI. Then follow homogenous system copy steps listed in SWPM. It is mainly export and import. Have any one had experience in migrating solution manager to new data center. if so can you please share your experiences.



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Feb 27, 2017 at 03:37 PM

    Hello Marali,

    We have recently migrate our all systems in to the cloud. In our case we installed SAP solution manager as new system and not migrate the old one - I know this is lots of work :( but we did it this way because physical and virtual names for systems are changing and we do not want mess.

    In your case you have multiple choice and its all depends on your existing SAP environment installation. for example did you install SAP systems using virtual names or direct using physical host names?

    • If your new data center allow you to keep your physical/virtual host names you will not have any issue migrating solman.
    • If your new data center does NOT allow to retain physical/virtual host names of your SAP system you will be ending up having same systems in you solman 2 times through SLD sync.
    • You can cleanup systems in SLD and re register them again to start fresh - This is risky solution if you have SLD dependent apps such as Portal.

    Please let me know if this answer clear your queries.

    Thank you


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