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Number ranges not updated in CRM system


I am updating regional postal data in ECC system (i.e. creating new cities, streets and postal codes) by running quarterly adjustment report. Now everything works fine in ECC system, however I need to replicate the newly created data (i.e. cities and streets) in CRM system .

- What options do I have to acheive this (other than running quarterly adjustment report in CRM system) ?

- If there is no option but to run quarterly adjustment report in CRM system , I need to update SNRO number ranges in CRM system as it looks like they were never updated there. How do I do that ? How do I ensure there is consistency in number range being used in ECC and CRM - right now they are not same in both the systems .



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  • I'm confused - what does number range have to do with postal data? It's not clear how you are storing postal data in SAP and what for. That seems rather odd... Can't speak for other countries but the US mail has a service available to validate the address. I can't imagine anyone duplicating the entire USPS database in SAP ECC...

    You might want to provide more details. Also post what you have searched for / tried so far.

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  • Posted on Mar 11 at 01:06 PM
    • The Quarterly adjustment report will also update some addresses and some master data tables.
    • Aren't your ECC and CRM already exchanging IDocs (e.g. ADRMAS and the like)
    • Where do you require the range number, are you trying to update some data not relevant/active in your CRM
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