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Jan 25 at 02:02 PM

iFlow HTTP Adapter with "%2B" in address



I'm trying to call a request with the HTTP adapter, now the problem is that I have special characters in the address field. Therefore I changed the space and the plus in the address URL to something like this: "'Test%2B%20505')".

The error I get in the iFlow is the following:

org.apache.camel.component.ahc.AhcOperationFailedException: HTTP operation failed invoking'Test+%20505') with statusCode: 400

As seen in the error message, the "%2B" is being reverted back to "+" and I guess the error happens because of that. The request with this URL won't work in Postman as well, the "+" has to stay as "%2B".

How can I keep the "%2B" in the HTTP address without it being auto converted? Or am I missing something out?