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Jan 24 at 09:50 AM

Aggregating data with Data Actions


Hi experts,

I am currently trying to solve a simple problem for a planning solution, where I have a hierarchy (parent/child) on a dimension, and I want to use a data action to copy values to a different version. The problem arises because I want to aggregate on hierarchy node above the leaf members.

Below is a dummy data version of what I am trying to achieve, but follows the same pattern.

I have been using the following script:


On the following material dimension:


In the script I am using the property “test” to assign the data. But when I run the data action, nothing is assigned and examining the data action monitor, I can see no rows are affected.

I would expect to see the value of amount being assigned to the hierarchy levels TOTAL, ZFURNITURE and ZHIFI.

I have tried to copy all the Member ID’s to the “test” property, which works, but assigns all the data to the leaf levels. I have also tried only keeping the values for TOTAL, ZFURNITURE and ZHIFI in the “test” property, but to no effect.

Does anyone have some pointers in terms of aggregation with Data Actions?

Best regards,