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Jan 18 at 05:31 AM

Stock pstg program SE38(ZQEVAC20) & it get posted without Prod. Order how to reverse this



There is One Inspection Lot 40001428447 of inspection lot qty 5.627. First time user confirms 1.2 qty & Second time user confirm 3.227 qty & Third time user confirm rest 1.2 qty.

But first & second entry is getting reflected in un-restricted area. And third entry is pending & still showing in quality area. After that i have run the program via SE38(ZQEVAC20) & third line entry is being display there. I have selected the line & execute it then material document will post.

In MB51 material document will post but without production order number. Now I want to reverse this inspection lot number & cancel all material documents.

But while cancelling the third material document system giving me error message (Change the inspection stock of material CFGRT567XX12 in QM only Message no. QA495).

Please help how to cancel these all three materials documents & reverse the inspections lot no.migo.png


migo.png (40.1 kB)