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Jan 18 at 09:47 AM

How to improve maintainability of workflow rules in C4C Service Cloud


Hello together,

I have 2 questions about the workflow rules in the Service Cloud. We have noticed that this tool is very cumbersome to use for more complex cases due to the very mouse-heavy operation.
Hence the first question:

1. is there a way to bypass the mouse operation and create workflows on text level. e.g. also via import.

2. is there a possibility to invert conditions. so e.g.

If A and (B or C or D).

So far we would have to map this case in the workflow as follows.

If (A and B) or (A and C) or (A and D).

For more complex rules, this quickly becomes very confusing and time-consuming to maintain.

Thanks in Advance

Best regards
Thomas Klippenstein