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SAP Design Studio - Circular Reference in value argument not supported TypeError

Feb 23, 2017 at 03:59 PM


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Hello all! I've been working on a large SAP Design Studio application, and to enable ad hoc analysis, I've incorporated the elements of the General Analysis template in my application. The problem is that whenever I try to navigate to another set of visualizations using panels as navigation links within my application (essentially I'm clicking a top panel to open a submenu panel, and clicking the text in one of the submenus to turn off the ad hoc panel's visibility and turn on another panel's visibility in the application. This functionality works flawlessly between 3 other sections of the application, but whenever I navigate to the ad hoc section and try to return to any other section (set ad hoc to invisible and other panel to visible) I get the following error, varying only in detail based on the panel I've selected to setVisible.

A JavaScript error occurred. Circular reference in value argument not supported TypeError: Circular reference in value argument not supported at org_scn_community_component_Core (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/sdk_include/ at TextArea.initAsync (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/sdk_include/ at org_scn_community_basics.fillDummyDataInit (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/sdk_include/ at TextArea.initDesignStudio (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/sdk_include/ at create (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/combined_static_includes_1.js?version=20170105152024:25:370204) at createAndAdd (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/combined_static_includes_1.js?version=20170105152024:25:245894) at B (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/combined_static_includes_1.js?version=20170105152024:25:225678) at dispatchCreateControl (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/combined_static_includes_1.js?version=20170105152024:25:224279) at updateChildren (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/combined_static_includes_1.js?version=20170105152024:25:246534) at e (http://localhost:54026/aad/zen/mimes/combined_static_includes_1.js?version=20170105152024:25:271900)

I've tried numerous workarounds, but I throw this error message whenever I go from the ad hoc section to another panel. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

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The error message shows you are using the SCN Design Studio Community component at - is that correct? Do you need those when you use templates?


Hi Tammy,

Thanks for replying! I would assume that General Analysis template uses an SDK component from the community, as I didn't have this problem before I brought the template into my application; however, I can't say that definitively because I also have a chloropleth map (the 2.0 version from community SDKs) and numerous instances of the Text Area 2.0 component. I can state definitively that both the chloropleth 2.0 and Text Area 2.0 components were present in other sections of my application and this bug was not present with those components alone. Again, the bug specified above only became a problem when I added the template components. Further, I only encounter this bug when I try to switch to another panel from the template panel.

Come to think of it, I also had to switch my development mode to SAP UI5 m to enable the action sheets on the template, so maybe the problem came from there?

Thanks for any ideas you may have!



No, the generic analysis component does not use the Community SDK; I can confirm that.


Okay, that's good to know. I'll try again and see if I can generate another error message. I'm puzzled why this problem would only crop up after adding the template components...




Hi Tammy,

I grabbed another error message that may more accurately represent the problem. Please let me know if this gives you any ideas about what the problem is. I'm stumped...

A JavaScript error occurred. Error: adding element with duplicate id 'PNL_ETR_PAGES_panel1' Error: Error: adding element with duplicate id 'PNL_ETR_PAGES_panel1' at s.prototype.registerElement (http://localhost:59859/aad/resources/~20170105152024~/sap-ui-m-zen.js:351:24345) at g.prototype.register (http://localhost:59859/aad/resources/~20170105152024~/sap-ui-m-zen.js:351:6036) at Anonymous function (http://localhost:59859/aad/resources/~20170105152024~/sap-ui-m-zen.js:331:2706) at constructor (http://localhost:59859/aad/resources/~20170105152024~/sap-ui-m-zen.js:331:2676) at constructor (http://localhost:59859/aad/resources/~20170105152024~/sap-ui-m-zen.js:357:921) at constructor (http://localhost:59859/aad/resources/~20170105152024~/sap-ui-m-zen.js:349:850) at f (http://localhost:59859/aad/resources/~20170105152024~/sap-ui-m-zen.js:335:3320) at f (http://localhost:59859/aad/resources/~20170105152024~/sap-ui-m-zen.js:335:3320) at create (http://localhost:59859/aad/zen/mimes/combined_static_includes_1.js?version=20170105152024:25:272246) at createAndAdd (http://localhost:59859/aad/zen/mimes/combined_static_includes_1.js?version=20170105152024:25:245894)

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Rob Frye


Hi Rob - did you remove the Community SDK component? If not, I recommend trying that OR posting this as an issue on GitHub:

I can't find anything based on the log you posted.

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