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Jan 11 at 01:32 PM

CAPM project service implementation @impl is not loading after deployment


I am trying to setup a CAP project having one app router module , one db module and multiple service modules . I am making use of .cdsrc.json file to make this work .

I renamed srv folder to service1 . I will have then other directories service2 , service3 etc. MTA.yaml is adjusted to locate gen/service1 .

I uploaded the project here

within service1 , I have another directory "sd" , inside which I have a Service.cds annotated with

@(impl : './ProductService.js')

As per documentation , ./ must locate the file from same directory where the cds is located.

When I am running this locally from BAS , this file is loaded and works as expected. After deployment , it throws an error


I have an index.cds as well.

Is it something wrong with my mta / cdsrc ?

Or is it that "srv" directory is something reserved and must be there in all cap projects ?

Doesn't cap framework support my original requirement ? which is to have multiple service instances with in .



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