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planning strategy for HALB and FERT

Dear Gurus,

I've searched a lot on SCN about strategy group and my problem but no solution found.
So Kindly let me know what strategy group to use when I want to plan my FERT with regards to sales order and my HALB manually without any reference(i.e manual process order). And also let me know how HALB being part of the BOM of FERT will be consumed after mrp run as HALB will already be available in stock prior to MRP run because of manual ProcessOrder. I've tried 20 make to order but Mrp with reference to sales order always creates new requirements for HALB even thought its stock is available.

I've attached the screen shot, will mixed MRP or planning material solve this?
I've also tried other strategy groups as well but no luck.

Best regards,


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2 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 25, 2017 at 04:17 PM

    Hi Shankar,
    Master Data Settings required for the Finished Product :

    Strategy Group = 20(or) 50, Tried, by setting the Strategy : 50 with the below Example

    Master Data Settings required for the Semi Finished Product :

    Strategy Group = 10 (in MRP3) & Individual & Collective Requirement = 2( in MRP4)

    Then the System will consider the Stock of semi finished Product, during the Production of the Finished Product, which is produced with Ref. to the Sales Order received. Also system creates additional Planned Orders, for SFG, if the requirement is more than the Stock Qty of SFG.

    Please find the attached screen shots, with the BEFORE & AFTER Running the MRP & also, if the Sales Order Quantity is greater than the Stock of the Semi finished Product, then the system will create the additional Planned Order, to fulfill the requirement

    Hope, with these settings maintained, it will clearly fulfill the Business requirements mentioned in the reported case.
    Kindly check & let me know, with your feedback/comments
    Many Thanks for your kind reply : Best Regards : Raja Sekhara Reddy B

    zkwva.png (181.5 kB)
    gnxrj.png (193.5 kB)
    5deth.png (198.4 kB)
    ppyxs.png (200.6 kB)
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    • Hi Raja,

      First of all thank you for the detailed reply, I highly appreciate your effort.

      One thing I forgot to add in the question is SFG is in plant A and FERT is in plant B. I'm using special Proc Key 70 for this.
      - So, I tried everything you said above but the same problem exists, system not creating additional Planned Orders for SFG when the requirement is more than the available Stock Qty of SFG.



  • Posted on Feb 27, 2017 at 05:32 AM

    Hi Shankar
    Thanks for the quick feedback

    Please Maintain this Matser Data, with Special Procurement Key = 40, for the SFG , in the Plant 1000

    ( In your case it is Plant B , where FERT is being produced).

    Please maintaining all the related Master data , in the Supplying Plant ( In my ex : it is Plant : 1100)

    As attached below

    As a result of this Special Procurement Key, System will generate the Purchase Requisition, in the Plant : 1000 & this will be procured from the Plant : 1100, & System will create the Planned Orders in the Plant : 1100, for the Qty required in the Plant : 1000
    Please find the attached Result of the same, for my example

    Hope, this works fine with you & also fulfill all your business requirement mentioned

    Kindly check & let me know your feedback/comments, for any other details/assistance required
    Many Thanks for your quick feedback & Best Regards : Raja Sekhara Reddy Bannuru

    wj9ot.png (54.6 kB)
    jqjgs.png (75.4 kB)
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