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Feb 23, 2017 at 03:20 PM

History Sales data extraction from ECC to APO


Hi All,

I have issue in Sales, Shipping and Billing data extraction since Jan 2016 in APO. Its decided with Business to extract it from ECC to APO monthwise, to avoid performance issue. I mean Jan 2016 data will be extracted first followed by Feb, Mar…

At present there are delta daily jobs to extract this in APO. I know relevant datasources in ECC. I know data needs to be added in ECC setup tables. My query is – what should be the criterion based on which data should be extracted e.g. For sales data extraction of Jan2016, is it sales order created in Jan2016 or changed orders in Jan2016 (Header/Item level) or delivered orders in Jan 2016.

I see routines maintained in APO update rule as below. So as per it, cnf. sales order qty gets into APO calendar/month as per material availability date. e.g. if for sales order A line item 10 has MAD of feb 22, 2017 in ECC, then this line item cnf qty will be added in Feb 2017 bucket of relevant cube (data target) in APO again relevant CVC. Is my understanding correct?

Pls refer below screenshots for routine maintained in APO.

Has anyone worked with this. Your inputs/suggestions/thoughts please. Thanks a lot for your help in advance.


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2.jpg (72.3 kB)