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FM and Project System

Feb 23, 2017 at 02:56 PM


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I would like check if it is possible to have both FM and PS running under the same company code, but for project system not to be subjected to FM budget check. In this case, I will have certain pot of funds that are only being tracked via WBS.

If this is possible, how would my account assignment work.


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1 Answer

Eli Klovski
Feb 24, 2017 at 12:10 PM


It's perfectly possible, but you have to make sure of the goals that you try to achieve.

If I understand you correctly, you don't want to have budgetary control for any postings, which has WBS assignment.

Well, you can derive a dummy commitment item for any entry, where WBS is not empty.

In parallel, you can apply WBS budget control checks applicable to CO/PS module.



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Tks for the reply.

Let say I am having 2 different source of income; IncomeA & IncomeB.

As IncomeA, I need to manage it by fund centre and budget by summation item, I would want this to be track via the fund mangement platform whereby I have to define budget structure, etc.

For IncomeB, as these are specifically for many small projects, I would just want to track them via WBS, without having to maintain the similar budget at FM.


Yes, you can do it in the way I explained to you.


In am currently using erp6.

Can I reconfigure my current setup if the FM budget check for the WBS can be suppressed.

This simplified table is to depict the current & ideal budget possibility


The fact that you are in ERP 6.0X doesn't change anything I said before.


Pardon me for my lack of knowledge (as a enduser), but may I know what is dummy commitment item & how it can be used.



Dummy commitment is the one, where the budget won't be checked. This can be achieved either by defining CI's financial transaction, statistical item flag or AVC tolerance profile. Which option to choose is dependent on your business and reporting requirements. If you expertise in PSM-FM is not high, you would need anyway a consultant to set up the system. As to your original question, I believe, you have the answer.