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Portal - BO SSO - Only works with SAP alias's in the BOBJ Administrator Group

I have SSO configured between EP 7.4 and BOE 4.2 SP3 and clicking on document links in the portal generates an Access Denied error and a BOE OpenDocument Login Screen.

If I place the SAP user/alias in the Administrator Group it works.

I saw a mention about this being a rights issue but the post is archived and did not say what it's related to.

Any suggestions where to look will be greatly appreciated.

Post by Duncan Dortants:

You can't fully compare calls from Iviews to BI4 vs a straight call within BI Launchpad. IView calls are basically opendoc calls to the BI4 environment. make sure you check your rights settings that are related to opendoc within BI4.

Also if you look at your user account, are you using SSO or are you being prompted for logon for a BI4 user account? if sso you might need to check the aliasing for the account and make sure you comparing the same exact rights between BI4 launchpad user logon and Iview sso logon.

Maybe a quick test to see if it even truly is a rights issue is to temporarilly add the user account to the administrator group inside of BI4.

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