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Jan 05 at 04:09 AM

SAP BTP DMS Integration option vs Application option


We are exploring an external DMS solutions and came across SAP BTP DMS. Our use case is to connect this as an external content repository for S/4 and also access the documents outside of S/4 (directly from the external repo).

Per the documentation, this service is primarily available in two offerings (Integration option and application option). My understanding from the documentation and a few blogs is that application option has everything this that is included in integration option plus a built in front end to manage documents and access. Application option is most suitable for us given it is almost plug and play. However, the below link on documentation and the blog does not recommend to use application option as an external content server for S/4 hana as its not supported. Can you please help with the below questions?

1) If we have to go with integration option and build our own Fiori app for CIMS repository, can we access documents uploaded from S/4 using the Fiori app ?

2) Is there a road map to enable application option to be integrated with S/4 hana as a external content server and provide full support? - Quite naturally this is our choice, as everything is prebuilt and it sounds more like a plug and play.

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Blog : Using Document Management as a Content Repository with SAP S/4 HANA | SAP Blogs