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Dec 26, 2022 at 08:02 AM

DMEEX Configuration Issue with Field IntrmyAgt1 for Intermediary Bank Payments



We are currently facing an issue with the XML File getting generated via the DMEEX Configuration specific to payments done via Intermediary Bank Setup.

The xml file has a tag IntrmyAg1 as per the format which gets populated with an Intermediary Bank Swift Code. The source of the data is mentioned as FPAYH-BSWIFT1.

We identified that there was an existing mapping setup in the Bank Chain Configuration which was removed.

However, even after removing it we are still able to see the Intermediary Bank's BIC Code in the XML File. We have also checked the Vendor master and that particular bank does not exist in the master data but after payment submission, we see the same bank in the REGUH table as well with a type intermediary.

We are not able to understand that if the intermediary bank setup has been removed from the active bank chains and we have also checked the vendor mapping with the bank chain using tcode FIBPU(which shows no entries) then how is the intermediary bank still getting populated in the xml file.

Are there any other areas in the master data or configuration which we are missing or may need to check? Need your assistance or help or any ideas that can help us resolve this issue.

Below is a list of things that we have already checked

1. SPRO > SAP Customizing Implementation Guide > Financial Accounting > Bank Accounting> Bank Chain > Create General Bank Chain : Bank chain is deleted

2. No setting or configuration exists in the tcodes FIBHS, FIBPU and FIBTU

3. The payment run table REGUH shows that the payment is attempted to be done via intermediary bank even if it is not maintained in the above points 1 and 2.