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Dec 23, 2022 at 05:03 PM

My Inbox SD sales order approval issue in Fiori 1909 System




I am facing one issue in Fiori My Inbox error message is like

Exit CL_SD_APM_WF_WI_ACTION triggered exeception for event AFT_EXEC and (target) status : No authorization to approve doc. category 'C', sal.

In Error log following message-

Vocabulary Annotation File 'SD_F3014_SALESORDER_WOR_ANNO_MDL' version '0001' not found on SAP GW Server n/a /IWFND/ CATALOGSERVICE

No service found for namespace '', name 'SD_F3014_SALESORDER_WORKFLOW_SRV', version '0001' n/a

No authorization to access service group '/IWNGW/NOTIFICATION' OPU-GW-NOT /IWNGW/NOTIFICATION_SRV

Can you please help in this what is missing any role or authorization? This system is 1909 and we are trying Flexible workflow scenario related to Sales order.Thanks Harish


my-inbox-error.png (26.9 kB)
errpr-log.png (149.7 kB)