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Jan 03 at 04:35 AM

How to delete differential and Log data backup daily and keep Full data backup in HANA Cockpit


Hello Everyone!

We have configured three types of scheduled data backups for our all SAP Systems. On the 1st of every month, we have our Full Data Backup, every morning at 6 am we have our Differential Data Backup, and after every 30 minutes, we have our log backup.

Till now we use to delete differential and log data backups manually on regular basis to maintain disk space, while we keep Full data backup for a complete month. Now we want to configure the Retention Policy in HANA Cockpit to automatically delete Catalogs and Physical files from our backint location.

The problem we are facing is that the Retention policy deletes the complete old set of Data backups (Full, differential, log), what we exactly want is that our full backup should stay for a complete month and our old differential and log backups should only be deleted on a daily basis so that our storage space doesn't get exhausted.

Is there any way to configure a retention policy like that??