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Dec 28, 2022 at 01:11 PM

Min/MaxAggPCapausage KF data entry @ Month level in TS Optimizer



We've used the Aggregate Constraint Min/MaxAggPCapausage & their non-delivery cost rate KF's to control how much of capacity we need to be apportioned to the "preferred" product group over the others & it works fine. However, this KF being @ weekly level (Plng lvl - Week-Prod-Loc-Res-Src-Agg), doesn't allow us to enter the Min/MaxAggPCapausage values @ a monthly level, that the users would prefer to enter (read 168hrs/week vs 672hrs/month, as an example). Aside from creating a new "Z" key figure to allow users to enter monthly values & later distributing equally across the weeks on to this AggPCapausage KF, would there be another/better option to use?

We are using TS Optimizer