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Dec 27, 2022 at 08:13 PM

Cross-Plant Demand prioritization in TS Optimizer



I have customer demand & cross plant demand for the same material. With Supply OPT, I want to be able to prioritize all my A & B customers ahead of the Cross-plant demand, followed by Customers of type C (we run segmentation).. We’ve non-delivery cost rates for customer demand & independent demand that could be used, but what about cross plant demand ? Like Dep Loc Dem or outbound loc demand. I don’t see anything for it. Would I use the IPU* KF's for this purpose?

Example: (per week)

Prod A, Cust A & B, Demand - 100pc

Prod A, Cross-plant demand (from a different Sub-network plant) - 100pc

Prod A, Cust C, Demand - 100 pc

Available capacity = 200 pc

I want to be able to give Cust A & B their 100pc, followed by the Cross-plant demand - 100 pc