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Dec 22, 2022 at 02:08 PM

Issue configuring LTRS for PCL2 replica with SLT

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Dear colleagues,

we are facing strange issues configuring LTRS transaction on SLT to replicate some RELID of cluster PCL2 into our HANA destination system.

Sharing with you the steps we are performing:

  1. Load in LTRS RELID needed ("CU" and "UN") --> SUCCESSFUL
  2. Generate Template Tables for the component selected --> SUCCESSFUL
  3. Map Key Fields --> SUCCESSFUL for first table, wrong for the others.

Step 3 is going well for table 1. But for the other tables, the same mapping of table 1 is proposed for all the other tables. That's very strange since the template is created successfully for each tables (that are obviously different) but then the mapping seems "stuck" on the first table template.

Also, the same activity in development system was performed successfully.

System details :

  • SLT on HANA DB
  • DMIS 2011_1_731
  • NetWeaver 750

Thanks in advance for your help.