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Dec 22, 2022 at 08:19 AM

Maintaining two different commodity numbers for a single product

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Hello experts,

We would like to maintain two different Commodity Codes for a single product. In our case, a product can be imported with the Commodity Code 12345678 . Without further processing the product, we sell and ship it to a customer together with four other products. All five products will be used by the customer to assemble an end product themselves. The end product has the commodity code 88888888.
It's required of us by the law, that the five positions in that delivery, use the same commodity code as the end product in that case. So, on delivery, we would have to reassign the commodity code of the five products to be the same as the one of the end product, so that all five products have the commodity code 88888888 instead of their original commodity code.

Could two different commodity codes be maintained for a single product (one for the original purpose and one if it as to be changed to that of the end product)? Is there a way to somewhat automate the process of reasigning commodity codes?

We're using S4HANA ON PREMISE 2020 SP04 (05/2022)