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Dec 15, 2022 at 05:12 PM

Command N-FZ T in PCR


I am troubleshooting a payroll issue for an employee that is going to be grossly overpaid. We have several thousand employees that go through this specific calculation and all of them are being paid correctly.

In the PCR there is a line of code that I know references date types on IT0041 but I can't figure out which dates.

NUM=GKDIVI - this value is 14 according to PARTT - it is the number of days in the pay period

The next line is


The rule then looks at various date specifications and adds the value out to a variable wage type (ZLAW).

I thought it may be difference between last work day and term date but it isn't.

Any other suggestions? Again, it is working for everyone else so no doubt the rule works (and has since 2008) but something has to be wrong in his master data.

It is going to miscalculate again next pay period so any help would be appreciated.