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Dec 19, 2022 at 02:41 PM

SAC DataAction how to delete model data via range date as one parameter


Hello SAC Experts!!

I'm struggling in SAC Data Action. who yo know how to solution?

want : Delete and insert data in planning model using 2 data actions in multi action .

I consider using "Advanced Formulas Step" in delete step.

"MEBMER SET" and "DELETE([DATE] = ####)" couldn't accept range parameter.

therefore now i use MEMBER SET %"parameter1"% to %"parameter2"%.

then next use action copy step for insert data.

copy step accept range parameter for DATE.

So now when using multi action (with above2 data action) i have to input total 3 parameters.

it could be less to 1 parameter?

thanks so much your reading and warm assist!!