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Dec 15, 2022 at 10:36 AM

SAC - @SAPGetData possibility in Story or Analytical App to get Total of a BW Query with conditions


Hi All,

I got a couple of queries that use BEX query conditions to filter data elements and display plan data.
query 1 - condition Budget > 0 and condition Costs > 0 ..... list of 10 data elements total plan data 100
query 2 - condition Budget = 0 and Cost = 0 .... list of 3 data elments with total plan data 30

End user now want to have an overview page in SAC where they see the total plan data of query 1, query 2


Query 1 100
Query 2 30

In Analysis for Office I can accomplish this very easy by using @SAPGetDATA Formula =@SAPGetData("DS_1";"001EEV4718VGBBMVH3VJTT812";"0DATAELEMT=TOTAL")

So is there a way to execute SAPGetDATA as well in SAC or anything similar?

Or anybody another idea how to accomplish it? Single point KPI widget using query 1 / 2 is not working as the condition requires drill down by data elment -> therefore is not applied if data is not displayed with drill down.

Only thing I can think of is pre-query replacement variable (to get the data elments from query 1) and then restrict a key figure accordingly to get the total plan data for these data elements. But this is very cumbersome as I got 6 queries and need the total of six measures so 6 pre-queries and then 6 * 6 restricted key figures...

Hence asking for a better solution here.... :-)

Thanks and best regards