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Dec 16, 2022 at 08:07 AM

Installation of the plug-in for GRC Access Control on all BW systems.


Hello SAP,

This is just to inform you that we have request to install this version of GRC Access Control.

Since BW system is running on NW 750, I found out that this is the correct add-on that needs to be installed.

SAPK-V12AGINGRCPINW GRCPINW V1200_750: Add-On Installation

Can you check and confirm on this matter?

To add, I need your inputs on the following questions listed below:

1. What is the proper way of installing this Add-on? Is it via downloading the stack.xml and use SUM tool? or via saint directly and that is by downloading the add-on directly and put the relevant PAT files at OS Level?

2. Do we have some sort of a dependency issue when installing this GRC Add-On in our BW system? Something like, do we need to install or update some other Add-Ons before installing this?

3. What are the things that we need to be considered when installing this type of GRC Add-On in our BW landscape?

Awaiting for your soonest response!

Thank you!

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