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Dec 15, 2022 at 03:38 PM

Smart Insigh Implementation Questions


Dear Emarsys community, I hope you're all good,

I have some doubts reggarding Smart Insight implementation.

  1. SI Contact Fields: When configuring the contact data fields through the Smart Insight Self-Service tool, it is required to define a field for the "Contact registration date". I understand that there is a system field called "First date of registration" but this don't make me much sense, since it represents the date in which a contact entered into Emarsys database. Should it be used a custom registration date field that represents the REAL first date when the contact entered the brand's database?
  2. RFM Advisor: After the historical sales data upload, how much does it take for the RFM Advisor to generate recommended values to re-configure the SI eRFM parameters?
  3. RFM Advisor: Does the amount of historical sales data (2-5 years) influence the time that the RFM Advisor takes to generate parameters recommendations?
  4. SI Settings: When changing SI eRFM parameters, how many time does it takes to se reflected those changes in the Smart Insight screens, if the sales data will be uploaded through the API?

Thanks in advance!

Juan Cabrera