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Dec 21, 2022 at 10:48 AM

Component/Spare part removed from the Truck and replace or install another new spare part



I have a requirement and would like to know how it maps in PM/CS module:

A company buys various type of Vehicles and keep in their stock(i.e. Warehouse/Site). Now, a customer arrives to buy the vehicle/truck/car and subsequently requests the company to replace the tires, engine, gear box, suspension with other brands.

So basically, what the company would like to do here is to Remove the component from the Vehicle and bring that component back to it's stock, and subsequently issue the new component(spare part) to the Truck, which will be the replacement of the previous component removed.

For example: Customer says that "I want to replace the already ABC Tires which are already installed with new XYZ Tires, which means the ABC Tires will be removed and kept it stock, and XYZ tires will be taken from the stock and installed on the vehicle.

Please advise on the solution.