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Dec 16, 2022 at 09:03 PM

[SAP-MDK] CallFunction action (or rule) sends data as null at second request

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Hey experts, what's new?

We're developing a feature in our application that needs to send to the backend an email and an ID.

We are using a rule to send that data using the clientAPI method 'callFunction', as you can see below. For this moment, we're hardcoding the data just to see it on the server logs.

At first, the data is sent and we can get it on the backend, but in the second or more time, the data is sent as null.

We are sending attached some screenshots that you can use to understand better.

But, to simplify, we are just clicking on a button that triggers the function 'sendEmail' and this function calls the callFunction method and, then, the action that sends the queue to the server.

Is this unexpected behavior a bug or this is, in truth, expected?

P.S.: we've tried also with callFunction action.