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Dec 16, 2022 at 01:45 AM

Update the Tracking Information after Packing is complete in EWM on a OD before PGI happens


Hi Gurus,

I'm new to EWM and might be many people come across similar requirements. Appreciate if you can shed some light or guide me the correct way of achieving the following requirement.

Requirement: update the tracking information (Tracking Number) at each HU level or Header Level from the Carriers after Packing is complete.

The Delivery is EWM distributed delivery (outbound), after the Packing is complete, a message gets triggered to carriers and Carrier will send the Tracking Numbers back.

I know the EWM delivery is locked in S4 until the PGI Happens. how can we update the tracking at HU Level or Header Level ? We should do it at EWM level and EWM should trigger a message to S4 to update the same details (is my understanding correct? ).

Really appreciate if you can share some technical details along with the approach. Thank you in Advance.

Please forgive me my lack of knowledge if my understanding is not correct. Trying to understand how EWM and S4 Integration works in this scenario.