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Dec 15, 2022 at 09:01 AM

IBar Control issue BAS Syntax check

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the syntax checker of the new BAS (vs.code) screams because of this issue:

<s:DetailPage xmlns:sap.m.semantic="sap.m.semantic" id="btnAbort"> 
<Bar id="headerBar">
<!--<contentLeft> <Input id="WERKS" type="Text" placeholder="{i18n>WERKS}" value="{WERKS}" editable="false"/> </contentLeft>-->
<contentMiddle> <Label text="{i18n>title}" id="lblHeader"/> </contentMiddle>
<Button tooltip="{i18n>btn_scrap}" press="onScrap" icon="sap-icon://trash" class="ZsapMBtnIcon"/>
<Input id="LGORT" type="Text" placeholder="{i18n>LGORT}" value="{LGORT}" editable="false"/> </contentRight>-->

The "Bar" class is under the "subHeader" aggregation and must match the "IBar" type.UI5 Langu

It sets the whole file "red" and to an error - which is not necessary because the coding is working as expected.

Do you have an idea how I can get rid of this issue?