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Dec 08, 2022 at 12:56 PM

cost center can´t be deleted - usage in table ANLZ - assets deactivated


Hi experts,

I am trying to delete several cost centers by setting the "valid to"-date to 31.12.2022 with transaction KS04 or KS14.

I´m receiveing the error "Deletion not possible (usage is in table ANLZ).

all entries in ANLZ are either not valid any more, or the respective asset master data is deactivated.

By deleting the cost center, we would like to be sure that accounting can still post invoices for 12/2022 in January 2023, but it should not be possible to post on the cost center with posting date after 31.12.2022.

How can I delete the cost center?




error-in-ks14.png (71.4 kB)
anlz.png (288.6 kB)