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Dec 08, 2022 at 11:35 AM

Does Private Link (Beta) Only Supports AWS Connection ?



Hi ,

I am trying to establish a private link service on BTP with our Azure private link service.

My first problem is private link service is only available as beta under my subaccount.I can not have it as standart.

Even if it is beta, i decided to try it. But when i try to provision service on btp , it always asks me to enter aws serviceName as parameter. It does not accept resourceId in my CLI params.

Following CLI command not work :

cf create-service privatelink beta privatelink-test -c '{"resourceId": "MY_SUBSCRIPTION_ID"}'

I have an error like below :

Service broker error: Service broker privatelink failed with: serviceName: serviceName is a required field

Does beta version only supports aws ?How can i use it with azure private link connection?