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Dec 06, 2022 at 11:29 AM

missing company code in EC02 navigation view after copy plant


Hi Experts,

I need to create plant from an existing one and find the T-code EC02 can do that easily. I try it and compare 'from plant' and 'to plant' in the navigation view but I noticed something strange.

The 'from plant' have the company code line and the 'to plant' doesn't have but if you extend the company code of the 'from plant' you can see in the list of plants assigned to this company code and find that the 'to plant' is correctly assigned. Why I don't have the company code in the created plant ? Does I need to finish setup manually in particular table ?

'from plant':


'to plant':



image.png (28.5 kB)
image.png (5.0 kB)