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Dec 07, 2022 at 02:33 PM

Loading End in EWM , remove FO in Outbound delivery in S/4 and unassigning FU and FO in TM


Hi All,

We have STO PO > Outbound delivery(OBD) triggers FU in TM and Warehouse order(WO) in EWM

The delivery address in STO PO is picked from the Storage location as it's STO between SLOC to SLOC and copying the same address to OBD in S/4

In TM, TU and Freight orders (FO) are created and sent to OBD in S/4 and WO in EWM and updated.

In EWM, items will be picked/packed/load the start and load end.

Once loading end, the system is removing FO in OBD and unassigning FU and FO in TMS.

Same is working for Sales order>OBD>TM/EMW scenarios. but the problem with STO>OBD.

Is there any issue with the STO address as it is coming from SLOC?