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Dec 01, 2022 at 11:59 AM

MIGO 501/ 262 inbound creates delivery distributed error


We have a range of materials that process on receipt from a purchase order and can be picked and issued with no errors.

If we try to inbound these via a MIGO 501 transaction the inbound is created which then appears in the alert queue and we get the error below when it is viewed in VL33N.

Delivery was distributed, therefore display only

Message no. VL239


The delivery was distributed, meaning that processing occurs in another system. The report back has not yet been received.

System Response

Since no changes can be made to the delivery, the display mode is activated.


Changes in the delivery can only be made in the respective system. Limited changes are possible after the report back, but they have no affect on the distribution.

Appreciate any assistance or advice as to why this would occur.