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Nov 30, 2022 at 05:11 PM

A command sent to the repository proxy failed. 08S01 SQLSTATE


Hello, we are using PowerDesigner 16.6 SP07 (64-bit) - Vesion (6002). It is configured to use a proxy. Yesterday it was working fine, but today everyone who tries to use it has the same problem. To the best of our knowledge, nothing was changed between yesterday and today.

We can logon to the repository and view items with no problem. But when trying to check out a model, we get the following error:

A command sent to the repository proxy failed. 08S01 (SQLSTATE [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver] Communication link failure)
Query: delete from #PMTMP4 where SESS=nnnnnnnnnn


The 'About' button says: PowerDesigner EnterpriseArchitect Floating on <servername>. The <servername> pings ok, I assume this is the license server.

- Does the error mean the proxy can't communicate with the hosting server? Or the license server?

- Is there a way, without being an admin, to determine what server is hosting the connection?

We're trying to determine where the problem lies, but we're a little hobbled since our PowerDesigner admin is on vacation out of the country without her laptop.


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