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Nov 27, 2022 at 03:38 PM

How to convert each row of internal table into column


Hello Gurus,

Can you please explain how can I develop Dynamic ALV report for below scenario. I would be very thankful for you.

Scenario : I have an internal table(itab1) which is having fields DOCNUM, SEGNAM, SDATA. I am splitting this (itab1-SDATA) internal table data into multiple internal tables i.e. into 7 internal tables using Move-Corresponding fields based on SEGNAM (SEGNAM are like E1EDK01, this). Those 7 internal tables have different different fields. In each internal table there are multiple records. How to convert each row of internal table into column as well as I want to create a final internal table/structure which includes all the fieldnames of those 7 internal tables into one.

Please see below internal table data :

it_E1EDKA1_1 :- How can I convert each row value as column against document number? Also kindly confirm whether this is possible or not because if row count increase then columns will also increase.


My Output :-


There should be only one entry for each Document Number in output.

Please suggest me. Thank you.


capture-1.png (15.3 kB)
capture-2.png (8.0 kB)