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Nov 28, 2022 at 10:13 AM

SOLMAN Documentation Executable of type URL


We want to document Business Objects reports in Solution Manager, we think by type URL.

But, we can only supply a full URL. This means that we have to add all URL's for all different branches.

On Development we want to add an URL with hostname from Development Portal.

On Acceptance we want to add an URL with hostname from Acceptance Portal, etc. etc.

How can this be done? with some kind of variable or parameter.

so intead of starting the full URL with https://hostname.domain.ext/irj/portal

something like https://%hostname%.domain.ext/irj/portal

If we leave out the hostname, and only supply the link, the URL from the Solution Manager itself is taken and not the hostname that should come from the Logical Component Group.

We are struggling with this for a while now, maybe this community can help me??

Thanks in advance.