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Nov 28, 2022 at 06:20 AM

Multiple Invoice number in Single Creditor node in DMEE


Dear Experts,

I have a requirement in DMEE.

i want to show the mutliple Invoices under one creditor node.


I have 2 vendor AB & CD. each vendor has multiple invoices say, AB has 3 invoices & CD has 2 Invoices.

Now in Creditor Note of DMEE. I want to show the 3 invoices of AB under Creditor node of AB & 2 invoices in Creditor node of CD.

<CdtTrfTxInf><AB>Invoice 123><invoice 234><invoice 345>

<CrdtrTxinf><CD><invoice 112><Invoice 113>

Currently my DMEE is working as below.

Dmee is creating one Creditor node for each invoice.


<CdtTrfTxInf> <AB> <Invoice 123>

<CdtTrfTxinf><AB><Invoice 234>

<CdtTrfTxinf><AB><Invoice 345>

<CdtTrfTxinf><CD><Invoice 112>

<CdtTrfTxinf><CD><Invoice 113>

Please let me know how can i acheive this.