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Nov 30, 2022 at 12:22 PM

Allocations - Attribute Items - Wrong Margin


Hello all,

I have made some postings to cost center object in different moments. First I made some postings without attributed items. And then, in cost center master data, I fill the country NL to assign as attribute item (statistical) in PA (derivation rule KEDR). In next picture we can see it, there are some postings without attribute item, and the last one with attribute item country NL.


Next, I made an allocation to Margin Analysis with Fiori App Manage Allocations. The allocation cycle allocates all posted cost in cost center to country US in PA. I expected all attribute items posted to be reversed but the behavior was different.


Al the items posted to PA are correct, they are allocated to country US as expected. But all credit to cost center is posted to country NL. This is because cost center has the attribute country as NL in master data and there is a derivation rule (KEDR) for this attribute. I expect that all the credit to cost center to be a reversal of the postings, no based on derivation rules (KEDR).

Is this a bug? This complicates all the analysis because the margin based on country is wrong.

Kind regards


image.png (223.7 kB)
image.png (181.7 kB)