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Nov 28, 2022 at 07:38 PM

Problem with Batch oData v4 Actions in same change set

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Hi all,

I am trying to make requests to a sap s/4Hana cloud odata v4 API.

The api would be as follows.

The problem is that I need to make multiple requests and I understand that the most recommended would be to use a batch call.

I am trying to invoke the following action.


The problem is that when making the request the two post calls are included in the same change set and the system returns the following error.

{"error":{"code":"/SCWM/ODATA_API/002", "message": "Only one warehouse number can be processed",......

By doing postman requests I have managed to do the multiple logging in one batch but separating the change sets.

I have tried to use bIgnoreETag parameter, but I get the error

Error: Not a bound action:

How could I call the batch in different changeset?

Code example:

	const oModel = this.getView().getModel("WHModel");
	const oContext1 = oModel.bindContext("/WarehouseResource(EWMWarehouse='1234',EWMResource='user1')/", undefined,  {$$updateGroupId : "logonGroup"});			
	const oContext2 = oModel.bindContext("/WarehouseResource(EWMWarehouse='5678',EWMResource='user1')/", undefined,  {$$updateGroupId : "logonGroup"});

thanks in advance.