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Nov 26, 2022 at 12:09 PM

​SAP IBP for Response and Supply with S4HANA Process Order Model using Master Recipes


Dear Experts,

I saw in IBP800_EN_Col2208 (SAP IBP for Response and Supply) mentioned that SAP IBP doesn’t support Routing with Operations and Recipes in the standard version.

I understood that there is no support for Process Order using Master Recipes in SAP IBP order-based planning (Only PDS with BOM and Routing is supported). Thus:

1. Any experts experience this, pls let me know your comments. If it is right that SAP IBP do not support, is there any Road Map for IBP order-based planning with Process Order using Master Recipes. Pls help to share.

2. Any advice from Experts to set up IBP supply and response planning (Order base planning) in case client using Process Order with Master Recipes.