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May 23, 2006 at 09:54 AM

Removing Extra Line in output file


Hi everybody!

I have this xml structure with n <rows> and 1 <docnum>.

In Receiver File Adapter, I write a new line for each row with:


and I made the docnum dissapear in the file with:

docnum.fieldFixedLengths=0 and docnum.fixedLengthTooShortHandling=Cut

The problem is that with the last row I shouldn't write the new line and the docnum always writes also or another 'nl' if I don't specify anything or an space as the 'endSeparator' is needed.

The dessired output is just one line per row and that's it.

I tried to write as endSeparator for the docnum the ASCII character for backspace in order to remove the last new line but it didn't work.

Any Idea? Thanks to all.