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Nov 29, 2022 at 08:30 AM

CAP: join in event handler doesn't work

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Hi community,

I'm trying to join two tables in my Node.js event handler. Although the sql runs without error, the result is null.

I've confirmed that the join partner (BusinessPartnerSalesAreaData) does exist. Am I missing anything?

	const { BusinessPartnerBasicData, BusinessPartnerSalesAreaData } = this.entities

        const { SalesOrganization } = await SELECT 
                          .one (`${} as A`) 
                          .join (`${} as B`) 
                          .columns `B.SalesOrganization`
                          .where `A.ID = ${id}`<br>

If I execute 2 sqls sequentially I can get SalesOrganization.

        const { toSalesArea_ID } = await SELECT 
                                    .one (BusinessPartnerBasicData)
                                    .columns `toSalesArea_ID`
                                    .where `ID = ${id}`

        const { SalesOrganization } = await SELECT 
                                      .one (BusinessPartnerSalesAreaData) 
                                      .columns `SalesOrganization`
                                      .where `ID = ${toSalesArea_ID}`<br>

@sap/cds version: 6.3.2

Ive referenced the following threads.

Best regards,