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Nov 25, 2022 at 09:44 AM

How to create wrapper API in sap PI 7.5


Dear Experts,

Third party is sending request in their own standard XML format by restfulAPI but here is conflict when it hits to the PI system format is not matching.Could you please suggest me how to create wrapper API which can accept third party format.

Basically as my knowledge in Sap PI we will create API and give to third party along with payload based on our XML payload they will configure in their system but here they want to send their own XML format is different with our PI XML format has prefix not matching.

Please find below third party XML format and PI generate format.


Issue is at prefix if they pass prefix at three location as bottom format in the pic then pi accept if prefix missing in XML format as top format in the pic then message not success in sap PI.Even I used XML anonymizer bean.

Thanks and Regards,