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5 days ago

Filter current previous year's quarters in time series that filled the missing data with TimeDim


Hi everyone,

I'm new in the WeBI and the BO reports. I have a TimeSeries datetime dimension, that misses some dates. I filled the dates using the TimeDim function as following:

Time Series Completed =TimeDim([TimeSeries];QuarterPeriod)

and then I created these two dimensions:

Current Year = FormatDate([Time Series Completed];"yyyy") and

Quarter = FormatDate([Time Series Completed];"qQ")

I created the vertical table I wanted by drag and drop the Current Year and the Quarter and I get the following table


From this table I want to present only the 2022 and 2021 quarters. I create a new measure

Till Previous Year Completed = ([Current Year Completed] >=(Max(FormatNumber(Year(RelativeDate([Year Completed];-366));"####")) In Report))

and I used it in the table like this


but then I get the following result:


Do you have any suggestion as how to solve this?


table1.png (34.9 kB)
filter.png (31.3 kB)
table-2.png (5.3 kB)